OurTeam is a specialist data processing, data management and data mining company. We provide bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Each project is managed by OurTeam in London, whilst our dedicated team of highly educated professionals in Indonesia process your assignments.

Fixed Term Contracts

OutTeam's success is built on our ability to provide a dedicated team to take on those tasks that are essential, need to be completed accurately and on time (data filing, invoice matching, data processing, data mining.) and a six hour time difference means that more of the information you rely on is ready to utilise earlier.

Individual Projects

Ourteam’s flexible working model means that we are able to provide support for singular tasks (data migration, data cleansing, sorting and uploading content) or small regular tasks (mailshots, irregular filing, content management).




10Percent Resourcing

"OurTeam goes the extra mile for us. Their research support really counts in a tough market."



Network Recruitment

"Based on the feedback from our consultants, OurTeam made business sense for us"